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MOM Life

MOM Life

This morning I woke up singing that amazing William McDowell song, I Give Myself Away.  However, this morning it was not a worship song.  It sounded more like a record player skipping and on repeat…My life is not my own, My life is not my own. My life is not my own!

My 5am wake up call started again this morning.  No, I don’t workout at 5am or sit and have my “quiet-time” (and FYI…I HATE that phrase because my time with the Lord is anything but quiet, although I am sure He would love it if it was!!) My 5am call time is to begin to wake up my precious children for early morning practices and choir rehearsals.  

My life hasn’t felt like my own for YEARS!! 15 years to be exact. Yet, I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s! Sure we have struggles, and fights, and temper-tantrums…and that is just Ryan and I.  But I love our crazy life!

However, this morning, I was not prepared to start that “other life” again.  


I got the questions this morning like…Do we have milk? Can I please have 5 more minutes? Are there any jeans in the dirty clothes? 

I walked down stairs into my son’s room, turned around and walked right back up!!! Mumbling under my breath, “Not today Satan!! Not today!!”

So here I am, casting the sloppy demons out of my son’s room, wondering why my 11 year old isn’t responsible enough to do her own laundry, and loathing the fact that I bought my 13 year old makeup for Christmas because now she is going to have to wake up even earlier!!!

The MOM LIFE!!! 

Do you ever feel that way? Wondering if there is a verse in scripture that will give you victory over the MOM LIFE? It is the life that you prayed for, that you love, yet the life that makes you feel inadequate and under qualified! At least that’s how I feel from time to time.